David Wright

It’s been said that David’s smile can light up a room and while true, his real gift is in lighting up the path for those he works with.   He takes his clients on a journey of SELF-discovery helping them realize that their world is bigger and more rewarding than they every thought possible.

He’s a lover of music, a faithful servant, a man of his word, and the Ziglar Legacy Head Coach for Zig Ziglar Inc.

A life long learner, he has been certified in Organizational Development, Personal Development, Strategic Planning and implementing Systems and Processes.  David has been taught by the best. Leaders such as Zig Ziglar, Michael Gerber, John Maxwell and many others have inspired him on his own journey.  He is thankful everyday to be able to share this wisdom with others and empower them to Be, Do, Have and Serve more.


Conia picture a
Conia Wright

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Conia embraces all things Southern and still considers it home. From for-profit business ownership to non-profit management, Conia has more than 20 years of experience leading others. Her love for learning led her Ziglar, Inc., first to be a member of the founding Ziglar Legacy class and later to become the Ziglar Legacy Ambassador for the company.

Conia’s desire is to help others enhance their relationships in order to create the best possible life for themselves and the people they care about.

Conia lives in Plano, Texas with her wonderful husband David and the youngest two of their five children. Her words to live by – “Learn from my mistakes, you don’t have time to make them all yourself!”