The quality of your strategic relationships is paramount to the success of your business. M&MW uses the knowledge gained from 25 years of coaching experience and over 20 years of sales training and management to help you uncover your dynamic relationship potential. Our Ziglar Legacy Platinum coaches create a custom program to suit you and your company’s needs, using tools such as DISC and Relational Needs profiling to identify more effective ways to communicate with others, on your team and in life. We will work with you to find your own vision, clear any roadblocks keeping you from your goals, and create a plan to help your vision become reality.

As part of your training, you will receive periodic follow up coaching sessions to ensure that you’re on track to reaching your goals. Our coaches truly care about your success, and will equip you with every tool possible to elevate your relationships and strengthen your business.


“David is my Rock, he holds me accountable and inspires me to see the joy in discomfort”


“Conia authentically strives to be there for others’ needs”