About us


From for-profit business ownership to non-profit management David and Conia’s combined experience of 40+ years serve to make them versatile speakers who can cater their message to a variety of audiences. Humor and empathy entwined with practical strategies and tools make them highly effective communicators. They take their clients on a journey of SELF-discovery helping them realize that their world is bigger and more rewarding than they ever thought possible.

Their love for learning and empowering others led them to Ziglar, Inc. They were both honored to be members of the first Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers class. Afterwards Conia served as the Ambassador for the Ziglar Legacy Training Community and David as the Head Coach for Ziglar Certified Coaches. Together they have worked with over 200 business owners and coaches around the world helping them create the foundation to build a successful business.

As speakers and workshop facilitators David and Conia have had the honor of presenting to organizations nationally and internationally. They have worked with Bank of America, Erickson Electronics, State Farm, Tansamerica Financial, KPMG, Chevron and other like companies. They are published authors whose latest book, “Dare to Be A Difference Maker’ was released last year.

David and Conia founded M&MW Coaching and Consulting, also known as, Mr. & Mrs. Wright, and they are honored to provide Executive Coaching, Consulting, Training and Relationship Coaching. Their passion is helping their clients maximize their relationships personally and professionally in order to create the best possible life for themselves and the people they care about.

They have one very handsome son, four gorgeous daughters, and a grandson and granddaughter who illuminate their life.

Let’s go from mundane to magnificent!