Ziglar Legacy Coaching is designed to simultaneously


Meet you where you are and focus on your most pressing needs.

Help you create a plan that will unleash the potential inside of you.

Actively work toward establishing the success, significance, and ultimately the legacy you desire to leave.

Success is the maximum utilization of your God-given ability through the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or objective. It is discovering and living your purpose. 

Significance is helping someone else be successful. It is cultivating someone else to Be, Do, or Have more than he or she thought possible. With that in mind, how do we create a positive legacy?

We all leave a legacy, whether unintentional or intentional. A positive legacy is created by an intentional transference of habit. Intentional legacy is a multiplier of potential in you and others. It is teaching and transferring the habits of character, integrity, principles, and values to your family and those you influence.
This allows them to live out their success, significance, and legacy at a level that impacts the generation to come, and ripples through eternity

These are things we all desire to achieve.

The question is, “What keeps us from achieving this level of legacy?

Based on countless discussions with executives, business owners, and ongoing research, we identified core areas leaders struggle with. We address these in Ziglar Legacy Coaching based on your needs.

These Include:

1. Relationships at home
2. Life balance
3. Creating a culture of communication
4. Leading with energy
5. Employment engagement
6. Priority management
7. Time management
8. Creating a group of two or three “trusted advisors” outside the company
9. Going through a major transition
10. Creating relevant, on-going training for your team, staff, employees

A recent study finds: 66% of the reason we fail in business and life is emotional. It has little to do with systems, processes, or cash flow. Our thinking, feeling, believing, and attitude affect our choices, which lead to results impacting our business, cash flow, and, ultimately, our outcomes, personally and professionally.

Based on years of experience, and studies like the one mentioned above, we begin our coaching with your thinking, feeling, believing, and attitudes about your personal and professional life. This lays the foundation for creating the change that brings the results you want, while overcoming the challenges you face.

66% of the reason we fail in business is emotional.

The Ziglar Approach to Legacy Coaching

Tom Ziglar and David Wright engage with you as a team. In each session, both Tom and David bring their unique backgrounds and discovery skills to help you reveal and clarify your goals and objectives for your personal and professional life. Each session follows a specific coaching process, with clear expectations set and accountability measures built in.

Tom Ziglar

Tom has been the CEO of Ziglar, Inc., for over 20 years. In this role and through his speaking and training, he has had interactions with thousands of business owners and leaders in all areas of the marketplace. The vast majority of these interactions revolve around two primary objectives: How to increase performance, and how to move from success to significance to legacy. This marketplace experience, over 50 years of experience in the Ziglar philosophy, and access to the greatest experts and thought leaders of our time, have uniquely positioned Tom to help leaders find clarity and put in place an actionable plan, resulting in the achievement of their goals when implemented.

David Wright

David Wright is Ziglar Legacy Head Coach. David has been coaching for over 20 years, working with entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and organizations. His experience in personal and professional development, project management, team building, and training has equipped him with the skills necessary to help leaders bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be. David believes we all have the capacity to be and become more. What sets him apart is his ability to see the potential in others and help them draw out the more capable person within, so they are empowered to realize the success, significance, and legacy they desire.

The Ziglar Legacy Coaching System – Initial Six-month Engagement

Full-day strategy planning session
The engagement begins with a full-day meeting at Ziglar Headquarters where we create your customized game plan, based on where you are today and your priorities going forward. Tom and David will walk you through a process, including personality assessments and role preference assessments. We identify your strengths, how you work best with others, and the best way to create an effective strategy for you to achieve your goals. At the end of the day, a 45-minute recap session is recorded with feedback from you, Tom and David. This session is sent to you in an audio file with transcription. We identify clear objectives before you leave Ziglar Headquarters, and goals are established for you to complete before our next meeting via ZOOM.
Coaching Session Frequency

12 sessions, approximately every two weeks over a six-month time frame.

Approximately every two weeks, a *60-minute Legacy Coaching session is held with you, Tom and David. We use the ZOOM platform; the session will be recorded and transcribed and sent to you when completed. Each session follows a specific coaching process focusing on your primary objectives. Each session will cover what was accomplished, based on the previous session’s commitment, current objectives and challenges, and strategies to implement and goals to complete before the next session.

*We schedule 90 minutes for every ZOOM session, but our goal is a 60-minute session.

Email, Text, and Unscheduled Calls

Our goal is to provide you comprehensive support. As part of the program, you can text or email both Tom and David at any time. We anticipate from time to time an unscheduled call will need to take place, based on a pressing need you will have. We will accommodate this request as our schedules allow. If the number of unscheduled calls becomes excessive, we will discuss with you increasing the number of scheduled calls.

Reality check. In any program like this, results depend on your needs and your efforts. Implementation on your part will determine the results. In most cases, people experience significant results within the first 60 to 90 days, some even faster. The reality is, it depends on you and the energy and effort you put into it.

A long-term relationship.

One month prior to the end of the initial 12-session engagement, Tom and David review, with you, progress made, goals achieved, and quality of life change. We discuss desired outcomes you would like to see over the next 6-12 months. Legacy Coaching can continue as long as you are seeing measurable results. It is our passion to support you through your Legacy Journey.

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