PRIVATE Marriage Enrichment Coaching

Have you ever thought about what your DREAM Marriage looks like?
Do you wonder if it’s possible?

Everyone dreams of happily ever after. Many people reach year 10, 20 or 30 of their marriage, look up one day and wonder, “Is this all there is?” The answer is NO! Many of us know what we want, we just don’t know how to GET THERE.

M&MW’s Marriage Enrichment Coaching is the roadmap to LIVING YOUR DREAM MARRIAGE..

For the vast majority of couples, there are many wonderful group retreats and church programs available, and we have a few we highly recommend. Unfortunately, there is a segment of the population with unmet needs.

Marriages involving high-profile individuals such as C-Level Executives of large companies, pastors of rapidly growing or large congregations, politicians, and others with a large public following face a unique challenge. They are regarded differently once they reach a certain level of prominence.

Often these couples find themselves in a constant fishbowl of scrutiny. Somehow, because they achieve success in one area of life, there is now pressure for perfection in ALL areas of life. This puts undue stress on a marriage.

As stress levels compound, couples who would like to either simply build on a good marriage or save a spiraling one, face the all-too-real fear of further scrutiny which creates a HUGE barrier to seeking improvement. This fear leaves those in a good marriage in a stagnant place – unable to reach higher levels of satisfaction. Couples who are spiraling end up barely tolerating one another, living separate lives under one roof to save face. When a marriage suffers, it has an insidious effect on ALL aspects of life – leading to scandal, lost nominations, and church collapse, affecting the financial bottom line of the organization and the livelihood of all those in support roles.

M&MW understands this unique situation. We know traditional counseling and marriage workshops cannot reasonably be expected to address the specific needs faced by couples of influence.

That is why we created a program designed specifically to improve high-profile marriages with custom curriculum and services in a COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL atmosphere.

This is coaching – not counseling. We do not focus on the past. We do not engage in a he-said, she-said battle. We begin with what is RIGHT with your marriage and move towards making it GREAT!

Improving your marriage has been proven to improve your life physically, emotionally and financially. Our goal for you is to realize the dream you envisioned when you said “I do”, have your children want a marriage JUST LIKE YOURS, and for your colleagues to want WHATEVER IT IS that makes you beam with contentment!

The Structure:

    Discovery Session

    You’ll connect with two M&MW Relationship Coaches who get to know you and recognize key areas of focus to improve your relationship. 

    The Experience

    3 FULL days with two M&MW Relationship Coaches in a private luxury location.

    • Proprietary Curriculum Customized to individual couple.
    •  All Supplies.
    • All Meals designed around your tastes and catered to venue.
    • Secluded, Private, Serene Accommodations.


    6 months of follow-up coaching with two M&MW Relationship Coaches planned with your schedule in mind.

    1 full day follow up with two M&MW Relationship Coaches at the end of 6 months.

    C-Suite Package

    Include Marriage Enrichment as a part of the Leadership Development of your executive team and see improvement in company morale, productivity, turnover and bottom line!

    Don’t Wait Any Longer. Your Dream Marriage Starts Today!