2 Chairs – The Secret That Changes Everything

National Bestseller Bob Beaudine trusted David Wright to create the training program and oversee the instruction of those certified to share 2 Chairs. It is an honor David does not take lightly.

Mr. and Mrs. Wright are proud to offer this content to your organization!

How would the culture of your group or organization change if your people could really hear from God for themselves? What if there was a simple, conversational, relational way for them to take 10 minutes each day and develop deeper intimacy with God while gaining clarity and focus?         

Just sit with God for 10 minutes…….2 CHAIRS…Three questions.

  • Does God know your situation?
  • Is it too hard for Him to handle?
  • Does He have a good plan for you?

In this study we follow these three disruptive questions to discover 7 practical steps to hear from God every day and walk courageously, faithfully, and cheerfully through life no matter the circumstances.

In scripture God tells us over and over that He wants to guide us, direct us, counsel us, and partner with us in this life.

God wants to talk to us. He is waiting for an invitation. Will we initiate the conversation? 

Let’s teach your people how to have a deeper relationship with God, to hear His voice. Watch how it transforms their lives and rejuvenates your organization like only God can!


  • 2 CHAIRS … teaches you how to listen. 
  • 2 CHAIRS … provides a base for consistent growth. 
  • 2 CHAIRS … creates a foundation for your faith walk.
  • 2 CHAIRS … proves you don’t have to do life alone.
  • 2 CHAIRS … shows that your thinking and faith are too small, NOT God.
  • 2 CHAIRS … enables you to establish a connection with God every day.
  • 2 CHAIRS … is the definitive road map to personal transformation.

God is ready, able and willing to meet us every morning and swap our cares for His power!  It’s simple – 2 CHAIRS. The secret that changes everything.