We all crave structure even those who whine about it. Everyone from toddlers to teenagers and even we adults resist it, but really that’s what we want. Structure actually frees us to be who we can be and fully express that.  We all need it. We need those rules and those guidelines and things in place. 

Processes is what we call them in business – system and process.  We need all that in place so we can fully maximize who we are and our potential.   That’s exactly what you’re doing when creating the infrastructure you need to maximize the potential you have in your team or family. 

This is where learning,  mastery and legacy occur. 


A second word is rhythm and finding that is important. 

With musicians we say we want to find our groove or get in the zone, so it’s that place of rhythm, that lends itself to mastery. Finding that place of rhythm, pace or tempo if you will, that works well for you and the people around you. 

It is a part of what needs to happen because once you identify it, know it well and master it then you become the person, that no matter what comes your way, you’re able to handle it because your pace and rhythm, your tempo is there and you’ve mastered it.  For a musician, he’s mastered his instrument, he’s mastered his craft, he’s mastered his music, and it’s the same thing with what we do in our home or business. 

By working on your systems and processes and starting to put things in place,  Things begin to work.If you focus on and look at what you’re working on, the results you’re getting and you just keep doing that day to day, even if it’s incremental, then you get to that ideal you want. 

I’ve got this phrase statement I use a lot when I’m teaching:  Honor the process and the process will honor you. Part of our insecurity is rewriting the story we have told ourselves – the one that says we cannot change – that things will always be this way.    Zig used to say “That’s the way it was until now.”  I would say to you, about  your past experience – that’s the way it was until now, and now we have a new story that we’re writing and it’s going to be different.


I would encourage you and challenge you to recognize everything you’re accomplishing that’s good and create a little milestones list. When that fear tries to come up, say “that’s the way it has been until now – because look at everything we’ve accomplished in the last month or the last two months” or whatever.  Go back down your list and reinforce what you’re accomplishing and what you’re making happen. That tends to combat the fear that tries to manifest itself and raise its ugly head.

~David Wright

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