Are You a Conference Junkie?


In our profession we have met MANY Conference Junkies. We see them year after year. They come, learn great things, hear great speakers, buy the books, make the commitments, and just KNOW this time will be DIFFERENT. We see them the next year, and they are seemingly in close to the same place as the last time we saw them…. ðŸ˜¦ . It hits us hard because we can see the greater person within, and we want more than anything for people to walk in that greatness.

1- Get out the notes from the LAST conference. 
You know- that fancy binder and all the notes you took? Get ’em out. Go over them.

2- Set a goal. 
Put it on your calendar. Make a plan. One short term. One long term.

3-Get in touch with your conference buddy. 
That person you see every time who is in the same boat as you are. Set a date to talk again in two weeks.

4- Get someone who will hold you ACCOUNTABLE. 
We are built for interaction. It motivates us and moves us forward

Go BE the best version of YOU!

~David & Conia

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